• To produce competent pharmacy technicians.
  • To serve pharmacy profession.
  • To create job opportunities for pharmacist who can teach in pharmacy Technician Colleges.
  • To improve pharmacy literacy rate.
  • To reduce medication errors in prescription handling.
  • To produce trained technicians in order to provide quality pharmacy services.


The College will embrace the educational philosophy and the following core values:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Professionalism, Integrity and character
  • A Caring Community


We want to produce Professionally competent Technicians who work under the supervision of Registered Pharmacists with excellent knowledge about diseases and can provide patient counseling at community level so that chances of errors in our health care system are reduced.

The College will achieve this vision by providing conducive and friendly environment for students, teachers and trainers.


To provide a comprehensive and progressive education that prepares assistant pharmacists to assume an active role in providing skilled, ethical and compassionate service to society and patient care that improves the health and quality of life